Sunday, September 10, 2006

Magnify - sunday drive

Magnify is a site that allows you to have collections of videos and manage your own channel. Others can review and comment on the videos, but I haven't seen a lot of commenting or reviewing. It is still in beta though, so early days.

Revver vs Metacafe

Revver has made some changes already. It's looking good. I am really happy with Revver and have decided that Metacafe is not for me. I love the simplicity and clarity of Revver. Although Metacafe emailed me which possibly massaged my ego a little, I gave it a go and don't think it is for me. I notice some other Revver users are having good successes. To be fair, if you are interested you should read this article by Nalts. His site Will Video for Food, is a good source of information and he makes it his business to inform. I'm just playing.