Monday, November 20, 2006

300 Clips on Revver

I have just uploaded my 300th clip on Revver. It is a video I took of Ella, our wonderful whippet who died earlier this year. I still miss her. The great thing about this clip for me personally is the memory of her and one of the funny little things she used to do. She would walk into the water and just stand there. We would laugh. She had an amazing personality and would do random and spontaneous things that always allowed us to know she had preferences and made her own choices about her behaviour.

Most of my clips on revver are just little glimpses of things I liked to look at as I move through my life. They are not rehearsed or staged, but just random little shots of the everyday that I find enchanting. I take them for myself. I am happy that others enjoy them too. I have made over $800 US dollars on Revver. I opened my account in March this year after reading about Revver on Robin Goods site as I have previously mentioned. It has been a fun little interest and I feel satisfied with this collection I have shared.
I aspire to creating stories and making real videos. I am a full time school teacher and I don't have time to play as much as I would like. I love teaching too. I intend to make videos to entertain and to educate or ideally inspire, but it will have to wait. For now I am just learning about all the little bits I need to do that. I am enjoying the journey though.