Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Reading June 2013

Open Culture: Beatles perform spoof of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'


Love! Love! Love! This film is a must see for a great belly laugh. The women I went with don't want to go to the movies with me again cause I laughed too loud. There were so many hilarious moments. If you love the soundtrack from 'The Sound of Music', 'Muriel's Wedding' or Toni Collette, this is for you. Don't miss it. I als 

The Burning Man

I love Australian Film. The Burning Man is set in Sydney and is about a chef. It took me a little while to follow the plot as it moved about between present and past. I liked it though. It all made sense in the end and there were some great Aussie actors in it, such as Rachel Griffiths, a favourite of mine.

It is a story about love, loss and grief. The protagonist is a chef and there was some reality there. It is a beautiful film in lots of ways and I enjoyed it.