Saturday, January 27, 2007

Legacy of Blogging and Online Video

One of the reasons I blog and make my little clips for revver is to keep a journal for my family. I have a great, great grandmother who wrote a couple of small novels and pamphlet’s that are housed in the State Library of Victoria and I loved discovering this. I have diaries that were my grandmothers and I treasure her handwriting and her little observations of life. I hope to have grandchildren and I imagine they could be as interested as I am.
Some of the videos I have made are of places that will change in the future. Climate will change the landscape. Increasing populations will develop places and they won’t be recognisable. It is a historic legacy as well to see little glimpses of places.
I know my clips aren’t highly entertaining right now and it could seem like a waste of time, yet I imagine some of them could have value for others at some time. I video things that take my attention for now and I don’t edit or think too much about them. I expect I will improve over time, I will get better equipment and become better at capturing things. I learn more about the technology and I enjoy learning this.
The learning about the technology and tools of the Internet is another motivating force for me. I find I can’t spend the time to learn something if it has no purpose for me and I read this post from with interest this morning. It is true. All the videos that are being archived on the Internet will make a rich resource for future generations.