Friday, April 13, 2007 Adds More Features

Today I finally had the chance to check out some of the changes I have been hearing about on These changes were announced about 12 days ago, and are discussed on the Magnify Blog post. The blog says it better than I could and goes into detail about the range of features.

I had a play with the Falling Brick Channel today.
I attempted to create a feed from this blog to the channel, yet didn't manage to do it successfully. I will have another play with it tomorrow. I would also like to check out the chat feature on another channel I have created.
I added a Paypal donate button. I wonder if anyone does ever donate? It will be interesting to see. I am getting steady traffic on this channel, far better than this blog. I donate so perhaps it will return to me. I enjoy donating. It makes me feel happy to give someone who doesn't know me, yet has freely entertained or informed me, a financial blessing.
I love It is such fun to play around with. So many cool features, yet not too many choices, so at to make it difficult. I suggest you check it out. If you're not interested in creating, you're bound to find a channel to entertain or inform you. I will check out some new channels, there has been such a huge growth in the number of channels since I began Falling Brick, and put some up this weekend.


I went to see 300 last week. It was based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller about an ancient battle. It was fantastic. In the beginning I found it difficult to determine if it were a cartoon or had actors. It was a gripping and heroic film. I totally enjoyed it. I love David Wenham. He's a great Aussie actor.