Monday, October 30, 2006

Metacafe - Looks different

I dropped in on the Metacafe site over the weekend to check out how my little clip has been going for the past 12 months. I submitted another one that got an inactive status and a negative comment fairly instantaneously. No real problems there I guess, they aren't highly entertaining, just interesting.
I have noticed that Metacafe have improved their site though. It is easier to use and I can understand it more now. I might put some time into it soon. It has my attention.
With the review system, I imagine it will be tougher than revver, but I am up for a little challenge.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blip TV

I have posted a couple of video's on Blip TV to see if it is all that others say about it. I still love Revver though and my stats are improving again, yet still not back up to that large hill that was pre the new revver site. That's ok though, others have mentioned they suffered a loss with the change, so it seems like the price we pay to have all the new functions.

Anyway here is a clip that is ONLY on Blip TV. Revver rejected it. It was an amazing trip along that road as I recall.

In the NSW Outback the road to Menindee from Lake Mungo is dry and dusty. The red dust gets in everywhere. It was 50 degrees this final day of 2005 as we headed toward Menindee. Even the kangaroos where looking for shade!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Revver API News

And from the Revver blog post:
"I wanted to take a moment to provide an actual “real life example” of what you can do with the API. In this example I’ll be using the new Revver Whitelabel PHP SDK 1.0.1."

I want to learn more...

Epic 2014

Watch this video if you're interested in the Future History of the Media. It takes about 8 minutes and you need to click on a link from the page. Worth it though.Epic 2014

Monday, October 09, 2006

This Moment

This video takes a while to load to watch, but it is worth it. It goes for 4minutes and 18 seconds and you may want to download it to enjoy it properly.From the Revver Site:
This short screened at SUNDANCE as part of KEVIN SPACEY's Triggerstreet TOP 10. A short film about any given moment and the many things that may be happening in it.


Friday, October 06, 2006


I am amazed that I have made hundreds of dollars on Revver, not thousands as others have but hundreds and I have really only put on mostly short video shots that are in no way professional or edited even. I think I did play with two but play is definately the word. I want to move on to producing better videos, but find it hard when what I am doing seems to be returning something and I have very limited time available to me to play around with this stuff.
I read today on Nalt's site "Will Video for Food" about George Lucas changing directionl I have added the feed from his blog to this blog because if you are interested in online videos or viral videos, I think his blog is probably a simple and informative place to start. He has heaps of great information on there if you are interested in getting online with your videos in any capacity.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Revver Recovery

I don't know about other revver users but I have found my stats are recovering nicely from the drop they received when the new revver 1.0 started. I had began to think that it would no longer be worth the effort, minimal that it is, and have been pleased to see that my patience has paid off.
I have been away on holidays for a week and continued to receive a modest trickle whilst not uploading any more clips.
There are so many video sites online now. I still think revver is the best and I like the simple and reliable way they communicate and improve the site.
Good for them. Good for me.