Sunday, May 06, 2007

You Tube to Pay Top Producers

Steve Bryant gives Three reasons YouTube's pay scheme will change the media marketplace on his Reel Pop blog. I agree. In general the population wants gatekeepers and score keeping. If there is no competition, no height to reach, the brightest and the best won't stretch. This may legitimize online video.

I imagine it will have an effect on Revver also. In NewTeeVee: YouTube Starts Paying Star Users.
"YouTube is the latest video site to start sharing revenue with its users; Revver and Metacafe are two companies that jump-started the share-the-green movement. ..............And creators such as Lonelygirl15 and Ask a Ninja actively promote their Revver uploads as opposed to their YouTube ones because Revver viewings earn them money."

Will these creators abandon Revver? Will more producers line up to submit better quality work, now that it has become rewarding? Will online video remain independent or will it become commercialised? It all remains to be seen.