Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jaman - Future for Indie Films?

Jaman is according to its site

"Jaman is a new online community for people that enjoy world
cinema. For filmmakers, jaman is a global and secure way of distributing
cinematic quality films and documentaries over the Internet. "

There are some good offerings on the site. Different countries have licencing restrictions and there are free downloads and rentals as well as fees associated with some of these services. It is in beta. There are currently 2 Australian films, Siam Sunset and 15 Amore. I have seen Siam Sunset and enjoyed it. It is a black comedy with fantasy and escapism. Some great scenery. I loved what it said about colour.

I have yet to see 15 Amore, but can't access it via this site. It looks great. There is a preview that can be viewed.

There are forums and groups where users can discuss the films they view. I think this is an amazing resource for film lovers. I live in regional Australia and it is very rare for independant film to make it's way to our local cinema. The video stores don't always stock them either. Websites like this will allow all to enjoy the choice.