Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Stats for Creators channel creators have new and improved user statistics to check out for their sites. I am really impressed with how constantly Magnify brings improvements to this site.

Although I don't participate on YouTube (other than as a viewer) and don't have Google Adsense, if you do, there is a lot for you at magnify. You can monetize your YouTube videos by creating a magnify channel and use your Adsense account to collect from the advertising.

There are so many potential uses for Magnify if you want to participate in online video.
There are

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Finally managed to watch 'Hot Fuzz'. I loved 'Shawn of the Dead', but if I am honest about it, it was probably because I was almost forced to watch it and thought it was going to be a horror movie(can't stomach the horror genre)and was relieved, cause I wasn't horrified. I laughed a bit during both movies. They were quite clever and amusing.
I am not really a fan of spoofs either, yet these were tolerable.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Magnify News

Magnify has brought yet more improvements to channel creators this week. Read all about it here.

As promised here are some channels that seem promising:

Climate Change: I like the way they have created areas on their channel for the different types of videos.

NLP : Neuro Linguistic Programming. This channel is full of all kinds of information about NLP. I watched this one with great interest: Quit Smoking. I have made a time with the school counsellor to get hypnotised. I am like this guy on this clip, people have bought me cigarettes to stop me from being cranky. I am not sure if they are all ads. There are some really long videos of seminars, so you could get all the info you want I imagine.

Watch and Learn

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Make Internet TV

A new site Make Internet TV looks like an awesome new resource for creators. It has the potential to become an absolute guide, with opportunities for learning, sharing and promoting in this field. Put together by The Participatory Culture Foundation it is a wiki that aims to support your participation.

I first read about this on the Revver Blog, encouraging revver users to get involved.

I like the layout and the clear step by step instructions it gives on the processes involved with making and distributing videos. It has clear explanations of important things like Creative Commons. If there is something you could add there is opportunity to make suggestions. This is where it has the further potential to become a great resource.

I like it.

Friday, April 13, 2007 Adds More Features

Today I finally had the chance to check out some of the changes I have been hearing about on These changes were announced about 12 days ago, and are discussed on the Magnify Blog post. The blog says it better than I could and goes into detail about the range of features.

I had a play with the Falling Brick Channel today.
I attempted to create a feed from this blog to the channel, yet didn't manage to do it successfully. I will have another play with it tomorrow. I would also like to check out the chat feature on another channel I have created.
I added a Paypal donate button. I wonder if anyone does ever donate? It will be interesting to see. I am getting steady traffic on this channel, far better than this blog. I donate so perhaps it will return to me. I enjoy donating. It makes me feel happy to give someone who doesn't know me, yet has freely entertained or informed me, a financial blessing.
I love It is such fun to play around with. So many cool features, yet not too many choices, so at to make it difficult. I suggest you check it out. If you're not interested in creating, you're bound to find a channel to entertain or inform you. I will check out some new channels, there has been such a huge growth in the number of channels since I began Falling Brick, and put some up this weekend.


I went to see 300 last week. It was based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller about an ancient battle. It was fantastic. In the beginning I found it difficult to determine if it were a cartoon or had actors. It was a gripping and heroic film. I totally enjoyed it. I love David Wenham. He's a great Aussie actor.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Children of Men

Children of Men is set in England in a not so distant future and was a gripping political thriller. It held my attention from start to finish. A world where there are no births makes for miserable and hopeless lives. It was a highly acclaimed film and most reviews I have read were positive. It frightens me because many aspects of the future painted seem all too possible and seeing it there in front of me is too much to bear. I would highly recommend this film and it is one I will be watching twice.

"The future's a thing of the past"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Prestige

I have been longing to see The Prestige for a number of reasons including David Bowie and Hugh Jackman. I am a longtime fan of Bowie. I like watching him act as well as his musical creations. I have been fascinated in Tesla for a long time also and although I know this film is not factual, I enjoy any reference to him and his work.
The movie was not as easy as I was expecting it to be, it was enjoyable. I wasn't able to watch it all in one sitting and when I started watching it the second time, I rewatched some parts, which led to a greater enjoyment and appreciation of the film. I nearly didn't watch the end, but I am so glad I did, because I really enjoyed the second viewing.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Subscribing to Revver Videos and Feeds

Revver have included a new feature in their latest rollout, which is the ability to subscribe to a feed. If you wanted to be regularly updated on my most popular videos on Revver for example, you would just need to click on the feed button which is a little orange button with white dot and two white waves emitting from it. In the widget above my header is the symbol. It only works for me in my Internet Explorer feedreader. To learn more about feeds go to this post.

I have several feedreaders and it has revolutionised my Internet experience allowing me to keep up to date with all the blogs and videomakers I am interested in. I regularly update them and unsubscribe from blogs that I have lost interest in and found new ones etc. It doesn't take to long to scan a feed to see if there's something of interest to you.