Tuesday, December 30, 2008


If it wasn't for the young people who hang out at my house raving about this film, I probably would have waited until it came on DVD. They went to see it two nights in a row and raved about the 'Edward' character, at least the girls did... totally smitten. One of them commented that orange (fake tan) is out and white is in, so hopefully that film will be responsible for a reduction in skin cancer with this generation!

I have read the book and found it slow to begin with, but the last chapters were quite gripping. Fortunately the film concentrated mainly on the best bits of the book and I was pleasantly surprised. The natural beauty in the film was amazing. I loved the scenery, the kids were pretty typical of real kids and the film was quite convincing on some levels. The special effects left a little to be desired, but on the whole I enjoyed it.

The friend I went with hadn't read the book, yet enjoyed the film. The critics have been luke warm in their appreciation and it is after all a very teenage story. I like this quote from David Denby (The New Yorker) "A genuine love story might be difficult for a young audience to handle, but this fantasy is blissful madness—an abstinence fable sexier than sex."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quantum of Solace

There has been a shift I believe. Quantum of Solace is about revenge and is a sequel to 'Casino Royale'. I remember seeing that film at Wollongong in a theatre that had a very filthy ceiling when Andy and I holidayed there in 2007. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Back to this experience though, my son and I discussed how different it was and I think reviewer Noah Berlatsky from the Chicago Reader sums it all up nicely. Having said all that, it was enjoyable if not expected. By the way, really cool is Judi Dench!