Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mashable : Poll

Mashable have an interesting post on which sites pay the best. I have to say that from trying Metacafe, Revver and Blip TV, Revver has paid me over $800US. My clips aren't popular. I haven't received a cent from Metacafe and have only earnt .90c from Blip TV and obviously haven't received that.
In fairness to the above sites, I have only uploaded 5 videos to Metacafe and currently have only 3 on the site that are crawling along. I doubt that I will make it to their minimum views though, so am not bothering with it. I have 13 clips on Blip and haven't really put much time into it. I am intending to though, so I guess it will be fairer to assess Blip, when or if I put more effort into it.
I have put over 400 clips on Revver but very few of them have received more than 100 views. I have also been using Revver since March last year, but only tried Metacafe and Blip later in the year.
What the poll says about it being difficult to assess apples for apples as we used to say about quotes for curtains, is true. I guess it depends very much on individual needs. Their assessment is possibly only useful for a clip that is likely to get 10 000 views. Oh I wish!