Sunday, July 01, 2007


Director Driven Choice
'From the director of Chocolat' That line,splashed across the top of the DVD, drew my attention to this one. I had overlooked it quite a few times. I loved Chocolat. It was an amazing and beautiful story and the film managed to do it justice.
Romantics Delight
Casanova contained similar delicious moments. The legendary Casanova and the alluring Francesca have their moment of truth and intimacy in a hot air balloon, floating through a sky littered with fireworks over the city of Venice. Romance on a stick.
Action and Adventure
The film contains battles of wit and muscle as well as wild chases and escapades. I laughed and clapped with glee.
Heath Ledger
This is the second Heath Ledger film I've watched this month. Heath has effectively become both Ned Kelly (2003) and Casanova for me. Such diversity, such a delight!