Friday, December 07, 2012

Getting Started in Filmmaking, From Beginning to End

If you’re looking to start making some films, you may already possess a lot of the things you need to get started. If you’ve got some sort of camera, a computer, and some basic video editing software then you’re probably all set. If you want to really get serious though, it’ll take some investment. Check out this list of different things you need to start making your films appear more professional.


Many computers come standard with some basic video editing software. This is good if you’re interested in making low-budget films for your personal use, but if you’re serious about filmmaking then you need to upgrade to something better. Investing in a program like Final Cut Pro will let you edit things you never had the opportunity to before. With all the different kinds of effects you can use, you’ll find a program like Final Cut Pro is a great investment.

Good software will also let you edit the music and scores in your films. This is great because you can get all your free music downloads @ and edit them as you see fit. You’ll see that the things you can do with good video editing software are essentially endless. Investing in a program like Adobe After Effects will give you access to insane visual effects. You’ll be surprised at what you can create.


Surprisingly, you’ll find that you can find a great quality camera that you can use to create awesome videos for cheap. Search some local websites in your area for a used camera, but if you’re looking for a new high definition camera you’ll still be able to find one that doesn’t break your budget. Depending on what it is that you’re filming, a GoPro camera might be a good choice. GoPro cameras are very rugged and can be taken under water and through extreme conditions. There’s no need to invest in a camera that you won’t need, so choose a cheaper yet higher quality model if that’s all you need.

Marketing Tools

If you believe your film is of high enough quality that you want to share it and possibly enter it in film festivals, you’ll need tools to market it. There are lots of ways to do this, some that cost lots of money and some that are free.

First off, you should create a captivating trailer for your film using your video editing software. Make sure the trailer has information on the website for your film, which you should also create. There are plenty of websites that cater to independent filmmakers, so search around to find one that fits what you need (including your budget). After creating the trailer and your website, use social media to market your film. Create a Facebook for your film and have all of your friends “Like” the page, and encourage them to share your trailer. The more buzz you can create, the better.

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