Friday, February 16, 2007

New Magnify Channels - February 2007

Magnify are exploding with channels now. Each time I check in, there are new ones. Here are new channels worth checking out:

Public Domain Movies - Only 22 movies today, but potentially an interesting site, particularly for those who like old movies.
Some of them run for over an hour and I haven't watched them right through yet. Interesting concept though.

The TV Trail
Runs with a similar concept but I have a feeling these shows are not public domain. The Simpsons, Six Million Dollar Man and Twilight Zone are some of the shows featured on the home page of the channel.

I notice that many have created channels that so far contain nothing. I guess, Magnify is getting a lot of media right now and people are just staking claims, so to speak, creating their own spaces within this space with hopes for the future.

It is a space to watch.
The falling brick channel received over 500 views today. That's great! There is an interesting clip that was submitted today about the classic Australian delicacy of Tim Tams. Called 'Slam', it is interesting and whilst it runs a little long, is worth a watch.