Sunday, May 20, 2007

YouTube Founders Still At Work

In The Age:Empowering People One YouTube Clip at a Time, founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley discuss their current projects at YouTube.

It seems life hasn't changed a lot, although they are obviously wealthier:

"They both received Google stock now worth more than $US325 million, but their lifestyles haven't changed that much so far, they said.

"Hopefully, we come across as accessible and humble," Chen said. "I try to spend as much time with the same friends and people that were around before the whole user phenomenon started. I do pay for more dinners now than I did.""

The article states that YouTube is seeking to clean up their current stock by getting rid of the clutter and copyright infringing material. They don't intend to compete with some of the slicker new sites coming online and realise people want to watch themselves. They recognise that YouTube has empowered the individual to have an audience and they intend to continue to support that.