Sunday, July 29, 2007

Testing TubeMogul

Today I am trying out TubeMogul. I read about it on the Revver Blog a week or so ago. It is a new service that allows you to upload your video and have it put on 6 sites (Revver, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Metacafe, MySpace) all at once. Then it will track the statistics from those sites and you can look at graphs and get analytics from your video.

I have uploaded a video and although I generally only put my videos on Revver, I have accounts with all 6 places, for viewing purposes mainly. I have uploaded to all 6 for the purposes of checking out how this works.

The latest TubeMogul blog post:Universal Upload Creates Measurable Lift in Viewership shows a report on how a video maker has seen an increase in views using this service.

At this point I can say it is easy to use and get started. I haven't been doing much video lately. I could see this would be a great quicker and easier way to get distribution. I'll keep you updated as to how I find this service.