Saturday, January 20, 2007

Latest Revver News

I was delighted to read in the Revver forum today that they are looking at the accounts. I have felt that my stats aren't being properly recorded and I was astonished when I returned from holidays and found that although I had received over a hundred views a day on Magnify on just one of my channels, which is almost exclusively revver videos, my balance had not shifted! I was paid over $200 in the last payment for a months earnings. My next payment will be only $50ish and the way this month is shaping up, there would have to be something massive occur for me to make it to $20. I know I had 3 weeks of not uploading. I was under the impression that whenever clips were viewed they would have ads on them, no matter how old they were. I wonder if this is not so. Perhaps I need to ask that on the forum. I won't bother them though until I hear the outcome of their current investigations.
I love Revver and think it is such a great idea and such a great service for video producers that I hate to complain to them. In the past I have found them to be fair and transparent in their communications with me, so I just trust that order will be restored. I guess also if they were experiencing a difficulty, I wouldn't want to add pressure.
I have finally got a widget of clips on this blog, but I would prefer it not to be above the header of my blog. It's the best I can do right now. The one on this blog is of my clips that have received over a hundred views. I have also added a widget to Joh Blogs of the clips from our holiday if you are interested. I have also written on that blog about the films I have seen lately.