Saturday, February 23, 2008


Noise is tense. It's Australian and I liked it a lot. I liked it at the start when I realised it was made in Melbourne. Then the characters made me really intrigued. I thought I knew who was good and bad, then I was confused. Mostly I was surprised and that's what I always like in a film. I want those refreshing surprises in my entertainment. Those glimpses of the ordinary that seem honest if somewhat unattractive.

There are some really interesting scenes, like the conversations between the fiance of one of the victims and the policeman. The film revealed the characters quite thoughtfully and I was frequently startled by the action of the film, the twists and turns of the plot, the emotion shown by the male characters, the language used and the heavy smoking. There was actually a really clear shot of a brand of cigarettes at one point and this surprised me as well. I would love to know what the cigarette company paid for that advertising.

Tinnitus is horrible and if you've never had that annoying ringing in your ears, check out this film to get an idea of how harsh it is.

This film was a 2007 official selection Sundance Film Festival. It was popular,the following are a random sample of positive reviews Stale Popcorn, Aint it Cool and Applebox.