Monday, September 20, 2010

Tomorrow When the War Began

This film is thought provoking as the book was. I like John Marsdon's writing because he doesn't treat the audience to a clearly defined judgement, yet places us in predicament's through the protagonists. Reading the book with year 9 classes, the debates and discussions provoked by this story are no stranger to me. That is the value of it for teenagers (and readers in general) I believe. It asks you to question your reality or perspective of how you fit in the world.

I loved the shot of Ellie in front of the mural of the Brittish invasion of Australia. I was pleased Corrie was reading an Australian classic and the line about films not being as good as books. I've read a number of reviews since seeing the film and like my classrooms there is debate about the story. Here are a few:

Luke Buckmaster (also read the comments)

Beyond Hollywood

Phillipa Hawker