Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Subscribing to Revver Videos and Feeds

Revver have included a new feature in their latest rollout, which is the ability to subscribe to a feed. If you wanted to be regularly updated on my most popular videos on Revver for example, you would just need to click on the feed button which is a little orange button with white dot and two white waves emitting from it. In the widget above my header is the symbol. It only works for me in my Internet Explorer feedreader. To learn more about feeds go to this post.

I have several feedreaders and it has revolutionised my Internet experience allowing me to keep up to date with all the blogs and videomakers I am interested in. I regularly update them and unsubscribe from blogs that I have lost interest in and found new ones etc. It doesn't take to long to scan a feed to see if there's something of interest to you.

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