Friday, March 30, 2007

A year with Revver

Today when I logged in to check my stats on Revver, I was delighted to find the new accounting stats are working well. I can clearly see now, which of my videos are being watched and how many clicks they are receiving. I haven't been uploading many clips on Revver for a while. I have been busy elsewhere in my life. My results have reflected this lack of activity. I have uploaded a few in the past few days to get to a rounded off number of 410. I think I may delete 10 at some stage later.

I uploaded my first Revver video on 31/3/06. A year ago tomorrow. There have been a lot of changes since that time. I have $894.80 total earnings to date, yet I think I earnt a hundred or so before the site changed and the stats were restarted. I am delighted with this result. My clips are not very popular and they haven't been edited, as I have said before. I began as an experiment to familiarise myself with the technology. The ease with which the results came in the beginning has stunted my growth. I haven't continued to do what I intended in the beginning, which was to create short edited clips to share places and stories with the world.

The Revver staff have been helpful and have made so many improvements to the site that I couldn't begin to mention them all. There have been times when things have changed more than I wanted them to, yet in reflecting on the year that's been, the majority of changes have been improvements. I really like Revver and those involved with it. I appreciate the helpfulness of the staff and their patience with complaints and requests. I appreciate that they have allowed people from all over the world to participate, even though it means extra paperwork for them.

I intend this next year to go back to my original goal. It will mean that I don't upload as many clips. I have uploaded 410 clips this first year. I don't expect there will be anywhere near as many in the next year, but who knows.


Marquisdejolie The Sun Conqueror said...

I tried clicking on all of your thumbnails in the Revver widget tonight at 1:41 a.m. and none of them worked. Probably just another of the myriad of "temporary" technical glitches at Revver that has frustrated me for months since Revver's big reorganization. I've been with Revver since October of 2005 and I'll stick with them a while longer, but I sure am tired of the technical problems. So were some bigger name (more popular) video makers who have left Revver. I don't need to name names. You know who they are. I hope Revver gets its act together soon. The concept is great but the follow-through has been lacking.

Joh said...

Thanks for that, I will let them know. There have been technical problems yet the concept is so good and they are generally pretty easy to deal with. I guess if I think about new businesses I have been involved with in the offline world, the first year or two are often pretty challenging. I will persist, it is in my nature. I am not putting as much time into it as I did in the start though.