Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Free Hugs

Today I have read about the disgraceful threats made to Kathy Sierra: Creating Passionate Users, who is one of my favourite bloggers. I am not linking to the post because I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It is quite horrible and saddening. It would be great if by bringing this to light, as Kathy has done, that we can somehow change the way people behave, or take more responsibility about what we tolerate. I guess I see bullying every day in the school yard, but adults are extreme and horrific in comparison.

I hope that I see more inspiration, hope and joy online rather than the shadowy dark side of human nature. It worries me because I guess up to this point I have been thinking that on the Internet, you can hit delete, or close a window if you come across you don't tolerate.

I want to see more of this Free Hugs Wins Youtube Award: The Age

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