Friday, October 06, 2006


I am amazed that I have made hundreds of dollars on Revver, not thousands as others have but hundreds and I have really only put on mostly short video shots that are in no way professional or edited even. I think I did play with two but play is definately the word. I want to move on to producing better videos, but find it hard when what I am doing seems to be returning something and I have very limited time available to me to play around with this stuff.
I read today on Nalt's site "Will Video for Food" about George Lucas changing directionl I have added the feed from his blog to this blog because if you are interested in online videos or viral videos, I think his blog is probably a simple and informative place to start. He has heaps of great information on there if you are interested in getting online with your videos in any capacity.


Anonymous said...

Are you using Adsense and Adware too?

Joh said...

No, I had an account with Adsense but I got cancelled for click fraud, which I did do because I didn't realise it wasn't allowed. I didn't read all the conditions properly. I am pleased to see they have a more prominent instruction about not clicking on your own ads now.
I also don't get enough traffic to be worthy of it. Expensive learning experience!! Dashed my dreams of becoming a problogger when I grow up!