Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blip TV

I have posted a couple of video's on Blip TV to see if it is all that others say about it. I still love Revver though and my stats are improving again, yet still not back up to that large hill that was pre the new revver site. That's ok though, others have mentioned they suffered a loss with the change, so it seems like the price we pay to have all the new functions.

Anyway here is a clip that is ONLY on Blip TV. Revver rejected it. It was an amazing trip along that road as I recall.

In the NSW Outback the road to Menindee from Lake Mungo is dry and dusty. The red dust gets in everywhere. It was 50 degrees this final day of 2005 as we headed toward Menindee. Even the kangaroos where looking for shade!

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