Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Revver Site

Change is the challenge. I am poking around on the new Revver site and although I am confident it will be an improvement once I have learnt how to use it, when I need to upload a video or do something I go back to the classic version, because it is familiar and I know where I stand with it. I am pleased they have retained the classic version because it made me a lot less frantic in the transition.
I certainly don't understand the implications of this but it is going to provide a lot more possibilities once I understand how to use it. I look forward to learning. For now it has meant my revver income has slowed down to a crawl, so that will motivate me to learn I imagine. It was just building gradual momentum that had began to excite me.


Marquisdejolie said...

From reading the Revver forum, it looks like ALL our incomes slowed down to a crawl . . . perhaps in part because there are no ads tacked on at the end of our videos as there are supposed to be. I have 520 videos on Revver . . . have been contributing to that site since they started in October of 2005 . . . and I am one ticked off customer right now because of the new Revver.

But it's the only REAL video revenue-sharing game in town. I've tried all the others, from Million Dollar Juke to to Flixya to eefoof. Nothing comes close. Maybe Metacafe will.

Joh said...

I don't stand a chance with Metacafe. My clips are really not ever going to be attractive to masses of people unless I do some editing, which right now I don't have time for. I loved the old Revver and I know that I just have to patient and learn and change with this new one.
We're all in it together I guess. It's comforting to know that others are having similar experiences and it's not just me.