Monday, November 27, 2006

Forgotten Animals

Nalts latest post on 'Will Video for Food'
is not the self promotion he has been up to lately. Not that I think there's a problem with self promoting. If you can't promote yourself on the Internet, you're likely to be talking to yourself mostly. Anyway, he's highlighting a cause that I feel is very worthwhile. Take a look at this video:Thumb_default
In my experience dogs are generous and loving beings and I applaud video's being made to promote this work and any other problems we have in our world that a bit of attention, awareness and cash could address.


nalts said...

Thanks for featuring that video. It's a great cause and they're excited when a $25 check comes in. My hope is that someone will discover them and make a big donation.

Joh said...

My pleasure, I love animals. Isn't everyone excited when a $25 check comes in?
I hope too that a big hearted individual recognises the value they offer and supports them to do thier good work. It's great they are doing something in the meantime though. The revver idea was a great one Nalts because not only is there a small revenue source, but also publicity etc, and the opportunity for others to help in other ways. Go You.