Friday, January 26, 2007

The future of Video shops

I guess they are more DVD shops now, but anyway, last night I went to my local video shop to hire some DVD's and it was really challenging to find something I hadn't seen or wanted to watch. I looked around and noticed that the library had shrunk. There was a pile of used DVDs at the front of the shop. It felt like an unannounced closing down sale and I felt pretty sad.
I know this has been predicted and discussed by many and I remember when I was in a shop nearly 20 years ago, saying to my business partner, we have to get out of this shop. Shops are going to be gone. I was way ahead of myself at the time. We sold that business and I was really happy with the profit we made, and to be free of having to go to the shop everyday. However, that aside, the business is still successfully running, exactly where it was when I left it.
I think though that music and video shops might be in trouble though. It certainly looks like it. I guess the only thing keeping them going are all those people who don't really understand or want to know about computers.

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