Friday, January 19, 2007

Whilst I've been away on Holidays......

Magnify has announced it's launch of .09. I love this site. If you make videos and want to create a channel I would recommend Magnify. If you like watching videos and want to create a channel to share your video's, again Magnify. The possibilities are endless. It is a really useful site. I look forward to seeing the changes that are coming. They have over 1800 channels now.
They are supportive and encouraging. It is getting quite good traffic also for some of my videos. My videos are not really viral, but more sharing sights I've seen on my little trips, so the traffic I get would be small compared to those who are intentionally going for the audiences. You can create a channel based on any topic that interests you. I encourage you to check it out.
You can share the revenue they earn through revver accounts and google adsense, which makes life simple.
Revver has been very quiet for me whilst I was away. In saying that I have not earnt a cent until I put a couple of new clips up when I returned. I have received over a hundred views per day on one of my magnify channels but this hasn't translated into any revenue from Revver, so I am surprised by that.
Both Magnify and Revver have forums and I have noticed in the forums that others have also seen a slowdown in their revenue from Revver, so I guess the Christmas/New Year period has been a quiet one. Those forums are a great way to stay in touch and lesson the panic when things don't seem to be right. It always seems better when others are experiencing the same thing, don't you think?

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