Saturday, February 03, 2007

Aussie Film/Media Blogs to check out

I am always looking for interesting blogs to read about the topics I am interested in so I though others may similarly enjoy a list to check out. I have added these to my feeds and will watch them for a month or so in my to read folder. If they are generally good, I will move them to a more permanent position. Let me know if I am missing anything good.

Graeme Watson
Inside Film
Stale Popcorn
What I watched today

That will do for today.


Kamikaze Camel said...

Hi there. Noticed you linked to me, so thought I'd pop on by.

At the moment there isn't much news about Australian films on my blog, but I always try to write about them as often as possible. I'm a member of the AFI so I get to see screenings of all the films and I vote and all that stuff so I keep a watchful eye out. I recently did a little preview of the Australian films of 2007. If you search I'm sure you'll find it!

Hope to see you around!


Joh said...

I like to find and read different blogs about subjects I'm interested in.
Thanks for dropping by.

Graeme Watson said...


Thanks for the link!

Joh said...

My pleasure Graeme, what I really like about your blog is your recent surfing section. It points out things of interest you have found online in a different way. I am considering imitating it.