Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Revver and Magnify Article - A must read

The Revver blog today has this article : Access the Frozen Knowledge of Video
posted by Micki, that refers to Magnify's Steve Rosenbaum's recent writing. I love it because I feel that Revver and Magnify are indeed doing that. I love Rosenbaum's phrase 'video is simply frozen knowledge'. It captures what it means to me.
I uploaded my 400th video on Revver tonight. My earnings have slowed right down. I began to wonder last week, why I still bothered with it. I guess it is about the freezing of my knowledge and what I see in the world. I like that I can write a blog and take a video and put it online. I like that I can refer others if they are interested to have a look. I do it for me and I know that many others are doing for themselves and it will create a mass of information that could be useful.
When I read this article it felt truthful.

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