Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ned Kelly (2003)

Ned Kelly has been the subject of quite a few films in Australia's history and The Age:Kelly Gang Rides into History tells about the worlds first feature film "The Story of the Kelly Gang" and its inclusion as a United Nations heritage register. I had a 'Ned Kelly' excursion with my English and Humanities year 9 classes this year.

Today by coincidence we watched the latest film Ned Kelly (2003)based on the book by Robert Drewe 'Our Sunshine' in the humanities class. It is a heroic legend and the film is quite well made. The students commented on the darkness of the film and we discussed the parts that we felt were not accurately based on historical sources. For those interested this site The Iron Outlaw, contains a wealth of information. There are 11 Kelly based films listed on this site with details about the films on most of them.

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