Saturday, June 02, 2007

yourCut - Coming Soon for Aussies

Revver and Ninemsn will launch on June 11 the first Australian video sharing online service that pays creators: yourCut. You can go and check it out now before everyone else gets wind of it.

This is exciting for Australian video sharers as well as viewers. I have looked around the site and it is using Revver to serve the ads and possibly for most of its usability. I have used Revver for over a year and have made over a thousand US dollars from my video's online. Revver are great to work with, they are fair and constantly improving.

From the FAQ of yourCut:

What is your mission:
"yourCut supports independent media artists. We believe that a free and open, democratised media environment is good for everyone. Our goal is to empower video makers and sharers to do what they do best."

Empower they will.

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