Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Queen

Stephen Frears has made some great films, yet I think 'The Queen' has to be his best. I totally enjoyed it. Great scenery and interesting perspective on historical phenomena most are familiar with.

Helen Mirren portrayed the Queen in an award-winning performance. The film was much better than I expected and I'm glad I watched it.


Snoskred said...

Hi, I'm reading you via the Australian Blogs Community at Bumpzee, on the RSS feed. Just dropping by to welcome you to the Australian Blogs Community, and to let you know I have just updated the Australian Blogs Community HTML links list file to include your blog, if you want to put it on your blog you can get a copy of it here - - A to Z - Z to A (The down-under version!)

The list is updated weekly to include new blogs.

In case you didn't know, anytime you post the first 250 characters go out on the RSS feed, so I'll be reading more from you soon. :) and I've updated my sidebar to the new list, so I'm linking to you now. I also mention you on Sunday in my weekly wrap up post. ;)

I want to see this film.. ;) Helen Mirren is incredible.

Once again, Welcome to the Australian Blogs Community!


John Lampard said...

The Queen was awesome - we ended up seeing it twice. I keep thinking I'll buy the DVD - but when I do that, I watch never watch the movie again :)

And it looks like you're new to the Aust blogging community at Bumpzee, so welcome :)

Joh said...

Thanks Snoskred and John for the welcome. I've had my other blog, Joh Blogs on the community, so I guess I'm not new, just slow to get the other one on!

I loved the movie too. I was surprised.